date. 2020

city. Vilnius, Lithuania

size. 37 m²

Studio apartment interior project. Common area of 37 m² was devided into separate functional zones: Entry hall, Living room, Kitchen, Bedroom, Storage and Bathroom. Despite of very little space it was necessary to separate it for different purpose of life. The core structure of the building - columns, shafts, beams and cross-bars specified rooms' contours and encouraged to turn it to main interioir accents.


It was decided to leave part of concrete structure in the Living room as a space accents. Concrete surface adjacent to wooden wall, which makes rough ceiling texture softer and warmer. Besides it is complemented by blackboard-like painted magnetic wall, which became another accent of common Living room and Kitchen area.


Bedroom combines it's space with work area which also serves as mini sound studio. The main finish materials have sound proofing properties - sound absorbing panels on the wall above the bed, wooden acoustic panels on the work area walls. Wood timber structure work both as decoration and sound diffusing surface. Full height mirrors above bedside cabinets visualy widen bedroom space. It was also important to save the full height of the room (2,8 meters) and to leave part of concrete structure exposed. This connects appartment rooms in common style and color, gives it particular personality.