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date. 2020

city. Druskininkai, Lithuania

size. 5535 m²

Wellness Sleep SPA is nature-surrounded Lithuanian resort in the town of Druskininkai. An elegant 5-star hotel with 79 apartments, exclusive Medical and Wellness center which includes 20 treatments rooms.
SPA also include relaxation area, indoor pool with sauna, fitness area, restaurant and children‘s area.
Overall Amberton Green SPA Druskininkai architecture, design, wellness and management solutions aim to balance mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Calm and relaxing environment determined by the building’s site location itself. The hotel is standing by the river Nemunas in the cultural and natural heritage protection zone, maintaining the distinctive atmosphere and spirit of this special place.


To reflect the natural landscape form building is devided into 3 corpuses, which are joined by lobby atrium on the first floor. The elevation range between the corpuses is 1.35 meters. The foundation and core structure of the building is reinforced concrete, external walls filled with masonry 250 mm. The fasades are finished with tinplate sheets. All the guestrooms have balconies, whish are finished with exterior wood panels.

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