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date. 2018

city. Vilnius, Lithuania

size. 16500 m²


“Business Stadium West” is 16500 m² office building, accommodating up to 1600 employees. It is a part of the big territorial development plan, which involves the convertion of historically valuable, but unfortunately not meeting nowdays requirements Zhalgiris stadium into the space, that would be more usefull and effective for Vilnius citizens. Building is perfectly seing from the main city’s Gediminas tower hill. The most important goal for this project is to remain the part of it’s natural environement without being dominate of the territory by it’s height, but to be attractive by it’s architectural expression and connection with different parts of urbanistic context.

The historically valuable Zhalgiris stadium was built in the very center of Vilnius city in 1949. It was decided to remove stadium farther from Vilnius center and to change the complete character of this area. Now it is converted to the block of Commertial buildings, Offices, Hotels and Residential buildings. The first office building raised in this area is 15000 m² Business Stadium West. It is one of several office buildings in 8 hectare territory of all the planned 100000 m² office area.


The inner climate of the building respects sustainable design requirements. 2 building blocks are joined by wide and airy atrium, wich aims to provide fresh air and natural light to all 7 office floors. Becides it is going to be the main entrance and socializing area for the whole building employees.
The structure of commertial and office premisses is desined for employees spend the less time in the lifts or corridors, all work places arranged by the windows and have natural light.
Under the whole old stadium territory there’s going to be underground car parking for 2000 parking places.

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