date. 2016

city. Vilnius, Lithuania

size. 70000 m²

The ensemble of three multi-functional buildings of 70000 m² in Vilnius city center is the biggest in Lithuania. First floors are designed for commercial premices like cafes, shops, sport gym and day care centers. Upper floors are designed for business tennants, such as banks, lawyers, ensurance companies and others.
Business center built by principle “the city inside a city“. Project includes not only 3 buildings of 17, 12 and 9 floors, but about 2000 m² interior courtyard with planting of grown up pines-trees and shrumbs of wild crunberry. It has 3 underground floors of 700 car parking places.
It is built by BREEAM sustainable design standarts. This puts the highest responsability of designing different parts of project like construction quality, evaluation of building materials, impact on health and well being, energy efficiency, water quality, waste and land use.