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date. 2019

city. Vilnius, Lithuania

size. 60000 m² site area


The district is going to be build in the Vilnia Valley, in the historic part of the Old Town of Vilnius protected by UNESCO.
All traces of industrial activities that were carried out here during the Soviet period will be removed from Paupys area. It was industrial territory of “Skyteks“ factory, which was bankroted and all the buildings stays abandoned and neglected since 1990’s.
New district Paupys is going to be residential and commercial area, which was created after extensive eco-geological surveys.
All the territory was divided into 6 blocks and each of the block has it’s own character and function.


It is going to be build around 700 of new dwellings - studios and blocks of flats. District has kindergarten and modern business centre. Commercial spaces for restaurants, shops, repair workshops and other small businesses have been thought over. Each block in Paupys has its own underground parking.

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